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Boiler Cullbird Cobb

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Boiler Cullbird 

Sbrl Trade Private Limited Company is going to start the sale of Boiler Cock by Sbrl e-com online shopping portal. The average weight of the boiler chicken will be around 2kg. 

That type of boiler will sell the chicken at the lowest price in the Indian market.

Shipment Information:


Delivery charge: If the buyer does not pick up the goods from the buyer's side himself, then you will have to pay the delivery charge according to that distance. 

If the buyer himself takes the goods from the side, then there will be no delivery charge.


3-5 hours

Bank offer: instant cash back on payments

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Online payment /Cash on

Boiler Cullbirds average weight

Boiler cull Birds average weight will be 2kilogram.

Buyer site visit:

Check the Weight of Boiler Cullbirds

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